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Originally Posted by skyver View Post
Thank you.

Zarah the reason why I do not attack her points was because she has already made her mind up.

What mysticmolly doesn't get is that alot of people are fed up with certain situations (such as immigration) in this country. But instead of her looking at the true cause, she attacks by race.

I too am pissed of about how the immigration system is set up within the uk. But I don't blame the people for using it. I blame the govt & the elite, they knew what would happen & they have an agenda. mm can't see this.

I admit I was a bit bad tempered with her but it was the 1st post that I read in the morning so it probably set me off.

Maybe I should keep away from the general threads & stick to the ones about rising to a higher level etc. A couple of yrs ago when i 1st found this forum it was full of open minded debate, now it degenerates into this sort of drivel.

Who remembers 2tuff! Well MM he still runs a site that you should check out, it would be peas in a pod. In fact you probably are already on there, as well as stormfront etc....
I agree with your points. I think she's angry and directing that anger towards the wrong people. Sorry for snapping. I feel sorry for her.
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