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Some people speak about our 'assemblage point' and about how shifting the assemblage point can then change how we perceive the holographic reality

even something as trivial as a cup of coffee will cause a slight shift in your assemblage point while something potent like ayahuasca will cause a radical shift in your assemblage point allowing you to perceive the holographic reality differently

So in terms of living a good and vital life within a harmonious society where the maximum amount of other people are also able to lead good and vital lives then we have to consider what form that society will take

There are visions for society being sold to the public at the moment for example cortez's 'green deal' so we have to stand back and look objectively at that

Will it allow individuals to lead good and vital lives?

I once visited a zoo in argentina. The cages were terrible and cramped and the animals looked wretched. In one was a bear. The bear was sitting completely still and staring into the distance. Its eyes were completely vacant

The bear was fed and it was housed but it was not vital

I don't want to become that bear

Originally Posted by white light View Post
Well, you make no attempt to respond to my post but instead accuse and threaten me. If I am innocent of your accusations then your threats are akin to evil Nazi-ism. Is that an objective or subjective narrative?

Do you think that evil Nazi-ism should be stood up to or not?
its interesting that both you and justme have returned to the forum on the same morning of the same day after a long absence from you both!

My views on nazism?

I am all about decentralised power therefore i am fundamentally opposed to nazism
when the people in power want you dead, just existing is a revolutionary act

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