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Originally Posted by white light View Post
Frequency is a measure of time. Is time coloured?

You give no explanation of how frequency is related to colour.
Well, as colour is just the way we perceive light through its refraction and reflection.

Colour can change, look at oil on water and see the myriad and variations of colour as it catches and reflects the light.

Watch a seagull in flight and see how it merges with the sky, only to re-appear again as it starts to catch and reflect light differently.

Someone who is colour blind will see a colour differently, we may have an emotional or physical response to, for instance, the colour red, but they may see the colour orange and feel warmed by it - so the frequency they perceive is different to the one that we do.

Walking in nature, when nature is at it's most vibrant creates a different feeling within us than when we take the same walk in winter.

Coluor creates a frequency within the perceiver.
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