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Originally Posted by iamawaveofthesea View Post
The politicisation of science to justify IDEOLOGICALLY DRIVEN social engineering

A quick search about the archeologist Tom Booth shows that he has written about the politicisation of science in the wake of the brexit vote (see link below to read his views). But how assured can we be that Tom is impartial and not himself politicising science?

It seems to me that what he wants to do is undermine any claim that existing inhabitants of the british isles have to this land. However if we go back far enough can we use arguments about distant migrations as an excuse to displace ANY people around the world after all if we go back far enough then EVERYONE is an immigrant

So really we have to look at this whole-istically to consider all factors such as folk-memory, language, beliefs, values, culture, architecture, art, traditions, sports, cuisine and so on to take in the fuller picture of what makes up a national population and its sense of identity

Then besides all of these issues there are pragmatic questions to be asked about the ECONOMIC sense in importing millions of poor and unskilled migrants into what is an already over crowded geographic locale

So what we are seeing in the media and in education is people wriggling this way and that to constantly find excuses for why they want to ethnically cleanse british people and to justify their own IDEOLOGICAL ideas of how society should be socially engineered and you have to wonder how much of all of this activity is funded by the rothschild-cabal...

Response to ‘Brexit, Archaeology and Heritage: Reflections and Agendas’
Authors: Lorna-Jane Richardson ,Tom Booth
Ancient ‘dark-skinned’ Briton Cheddar Man find may not be true
21 February 2018
By Colin Barras

A Briton who lived 10,000 years ago had dark brown skin and blue eyes. At least, that’s what dozens of news stories published this month – including our own – stated as fact. But one of the geneticists who performed the research says the conclusion is less certain, and according to others we are not even close to knowing the skin colour of any ancient human.

The skeleton of Cheddar Man was discovered in 1903 in a cave in south-west England where it had lain for 10,000 years. …
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