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Originally Posted by iamawaveofthesea View Post
trump is not conservatism though is he?

trump is a boorish billionaire businessman
Yes, but conservatives voted for and support him, showing that conservatives don't really give a fuck about GOD and wholesomeness. I would argue that conservatism is really about "white identity politics" which would explain why pretty much the vast majority of his supporters who claim to be "conservative" are white people.

Its white identity politics. Its not GOD and its not wholesomeness or family, its WHITE IDENTITY POLITICS.

like i say i think the cabal will have its people in both camps

but the word 'conservative' means to conserve which is to manage change
Yes of course they want to manage change, BECAUSE THEY ALREADY RUN SHIT. Why on earth would they want change when they control everything.

by contrast the term 'progressive' denotes an intention to progress things to somewhere

so i'm concervative when i think the proposed change is a bad one and progressive when i like the proposed direction of change
So do you think as a whole Society needs to CHANGE or STAY THE SAME ?

So if you want to "conserve" what we have, I take it you want to conserve the Rothschild system of domination we currently live under ?

so what i'm saying though is that the progressive agenda we are seeing is not really about making a better country but is in fact being steered by the cabal as a means of socially engineering a new society where the cabal will have total control over everyone

so to that plan i advocate a conservative approach!
and the conservative agenda is not about conserving anything good but CONSSERVING THE STATUS QUO OF THE ELITES.
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