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Originally Posted by doobyferkin View Post
Roage is an excellent teacher, one of the lessons i have learned is something that has occasionally affected me........

.........a friend had visited me in my own house, when i mentioned to this person that my nephew was doing really well from being home schooled, the response from my friend was that psychopaths are a product of homeschooling. I left the experience feeling that this person was intentionally being antagonistic towards me and i felt attacked, i could have argued but i decided to ignore the statement and was happy when the person left. This person would come out with these kind of statements on many occasions when visiting so i avoided the visits.

after listening to Roage and then thinking back to my friend and then other similar situations i come to this realization......

the reason i felt "attacked" by my friends views was a lesson to me, this lesson was that my friend was inadvertently teaching me that i had the need to convince my friend to see my "truth". My feeling of being attacked was really a result of my failure to convince my friend of seeing my "truth" thus i was attacking myself for my failure, this was not the fault of my friend, my friend was/is not ready to see my truth therefore i should not blame my friend for being antagonistic and should not blame myself for failing to convince my friend for not seeing my "truth".....the attack then disappears, no hurt done

the lesson has been learned and my future confrontations with this person or any other people with similar confrontations will be different

i have transformed, i am now ready for more lessons.....very powerful! thanks Roage
Thats a great example i think its the demi urge effect, we bounce off each other same energy etc etc maybe im wrong but its close. I swear some days people even complete strangers will go out there way to piss ya off and it almost seems planned like little monsters are controlling that person and take orders from the great scheme of things depending on your own behavior.

One thing i will say is that Roage is teaching some powerfull stuff here and im not 100% sure of his motives as of yet and i have detected some clever "neuro linguistic" stuff going on, he likes to wink a bit subtly and the pauses infact all of the body language is well practiced . Just be careful mate because the gyst of it as ive seen so far is that yes we have to take responsibility for ourselves and so what happens to others is not our responsibility as roage teaches but the next logical step on from that then is to start "using" those who will not accept responsibility for themselves and that usage is justified, its very much how the elite carry on isnt it! but im only an hour into the main video you posted so it might end different but for now im getting amber warning lights about this being a cleverr NLP type way to make you selfish and psychotic just like them (the elite) even roage discloses early that this is the model they trap us in, is it a double edge sword?

When i get time to finish that video i will post again.
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