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Originally Posted by tazzo View Post
ANY satanic / occult oath can be broken, turn to Jesus and and explain your situation, with a sincere heart.

satan keeps a hold of you like this, manipulating your mind, once you KNOW the oath can be broken andn you turn to Jesus, it will be very phycologically liberating, and also spiritually.

Turn to the most powerful force known to anyone - Jesus the Lord.
It sounds trite but it's quite true.

Jesus is a hugely powerful archetype. Certainly the most powerful in Europe today. Of course in the past there were others, Mithras, Horus, Apollo.

But Jesus can kick any evil being's ass with a quickness. And the masons are scared even to pronounce his name.

Of course the Templars tried to prevent the return of its members to Christ by having them spit on the cross, thus creating a psychological bind against salvation.

But there is no such thing as blasphemy against God or Jesus, only against the holy spirit, (a blasphemy which secular dogmatic materialism has finally achieved).

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