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Thumbs up Coincidences - Synchronicity

I began reading the freeyourbrain site and it has happened to me too.
It's not currently very active, if at all, but in the past I would get
real paranoid because everywhere I went people were saying things that
I just KNEW were about me. It is frustrating because it is hard to explain to people without them thinking you are just paranoid.
Also too frequently would it occur that I would think something and someone in the room would start talking about the same subject. Often it would happen several times within only a few minutes.
Also have had the part where you have frequent negative encounters with people in public as if they were there to anger me (that may just be life)
but when it happens so often, you start to wonder.
There's a lot more, but that's all I can think of right now.
Thanks for the link to the freeyourbrain site. This person explains it very well.
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