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Originally Posted by paddy_blake View Post
If you want to go all out, I suggest getting a distiller, then adding mineral drops to it. You can get rid of the metallic taste by dropping it through a carbon filter (most distillers already have this on them). If you're a bit more new agey, you might want to put the water in direct sunlight or let it flow around so it gains its natural form.

Only problem with this method is the cost of running a distiller for 4 hours (for 4 litres). Probably cheaper than buying water from a supermarket, but it still costs.

Thanks Paddy, I've gone for the berkey after some careful consideration. Plus, if SHtF then it's small enough to lug about and i won't need a power supply.

Either would have been infinitely better than my current hydration solution! Thanks for your help dude

- Vincent Blackshadow
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