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Question Water advice needed

Hey guys, I was hoping that you might be so kind as to offer some advice on the best way to go for clean water with a good amount of mineral content.

After becoming aware of the NWO and flouride etc. at the beginning of ths year I made the choice to switch to bottled water.. I know, I know silly, but I remember seeing that Highland Spring (UK) did not contain flouride, so I thought "great!". Little did I realise that bottled water is terrible for the environment and probably not great for my inner world either.

So I'm ready to bite the bullet and splash out (sorry ) up to around £250 if the filters will last for a few years (like the Berkey ones claim to).

Here is the one I am looking at:

Now I am wondering whether to get the additional flouride filters, even though my locality is not currently artificially fluridated (or so they say). I am concerned that flouridation would commence without any notification. Berkey offer this flouride filter:

One final question I have is regarding the mineral content of the tap water to be filtered... Although Berkey filters retain the mineral content of the water, are they generally present in high enough quantities, or should one look at other mineralisation technologies in addition to the filter?

Thanks for any and all help. I did read the thread regarding water for when/ if SHTF, but for now I just want to know I'm drinking the cleanest, most energising water possible, without trekking into the country and lugging back gallons of water every few days!

Peas & Unity - Vincent Blackshadow
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