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Originally Posted by skulb View Post
I am aware that people in the truth movement have been talking about drills. My point is that this is not what people on this site and others obsess over. Instead they talk about architecture, planes/no planes, exotic weapons, the melting point of steel. You personally obsess over no planes, which is fine. But to me this doesn`t change 9/11 one bit and doesn`t lead us closer to understanding how the attacks were organized, while the drills do.
Personally I couldn`t care less if there were planes or not, and it`s just one more endless hyper-technical debate to engage in, which is what the truth movement has amounted to sadly.
If a single demand to investigate the drills on 9/11 had been pushed from the start there would possibly have been a Congressional inquiry into them which might have led us far closer to nailing some of the people responsible for 9/11 than discussing planes/missiles/bombs for year after year.

And what I was trying to point out was that most 9/11 truth scholars, with the exception of Tarpley and Ruppert, treat the drills almost as an afterthought. Take the new Italian 9/11 documentary which is absolutely excellent on almost everything, but which hardly mentions the drills at all because so much times is spent on proving the physical impossibility of the official version. But we all know that`s a lie already, so whodunnit and how? Which is where the drills come in, because every part of the attack, including your missiles, were covered by one or more drills. It`s just that simple. The reason it`s been 13 years of this baloney now is that the truth movement has failed to grab hold of the one thing which could unravel the whole thing, because the drills were public, as were the names of the people who organized them, and therefore impossible to deny in the face of serious investigation. Any serious probe into the drills would bring the whole coverup down, while more discussions of technicalities brings the event further and further away without justice or the truth being broadcast to the public.

It`s just the appropriate string to pull for those who know that every word told about 9/11 by the US government and the media is a big fat lie. And missiles is not because like the "directed energy weapons" and "Tesla tornadoes" it changes nothing.
You couldn't care less whether there were planes or not?

Obviously you think there were planes, else you wouldn't care a wit about the alleged war games.

There can be only one right answer, and it certainly doesn't include Tesla, DEW or planes.
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