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Originally Posted by iamawaveofthesea View Post
i'm not a luddite. I recognise that technology can have benefical effects but it is a double edged sword

A robot could be used to help you carry heavy stuff on your allotment or it could be used to police you and bash your head in!

when we try to imagine which it will be we have to consider who controls the technology?

Yes I would like to control my own home made robot, like a garden rotavator or a motorised wheelbarrow or lawnmower, OH, and a CNC lathe and router so I can sit at my PC, design something in Solidworks and load the machine and let it do all the tedious work.

Oh wait I already do most of those thing right now, but I like to be a luddite as well when I make my own shoes and tools to keep my hands working and from seizing up, and the brain active.

It really is a Goode Life here, just the way we like it.

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