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Originally Posted by porridge View Post
Weve been given a great opportunity to take over government & corporations from the internet, but people are to lazy or dumb?

We could have our own syndicate like Ebay & our own banking system like Paypal...but wed rather give our money away to these corporate vampires instead.

Mankind prefers to be enslaved I guess.
Go on then start a syndication online ,
I give it six months or less before its integrated into capitalism
Via tax or fees .
there's a few sites around that are close to what you propose
But with no production Lines and delivery system and lack of servers and the tax laws in each country they are no more than secound hand shops online with some free stuff

you couldn't setup an eBay type thing now in the current system
Who the hell would supply you under the premise that profits were minimal or non Existent .

It's why I gave the obamacare example ,
Socialist systems can't operate within capitalism , capitalism was almost designed around inhibiting or preventing self help it is the epitomy of dependencey on gov or big buisness and if you cross it there's jail .
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