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Originally Posted by queenofleon View Post
Yes, a very interesting talk, he is a good communicator.

I was surprised at how few younger people there were though. The crowd was older than I thought (no offense) I guess I thought there were more people of my age awake. Maybe they were watching eastenders. *rolls eyes*
I was surprise as well Queen ( again no offence ) but again I was surprise that about 50 people show up at the end and that is really good considering that bournemouth is a dead town when it comes to awakening of the mind ( if you know what I mean).

Good to see you guys there and sorry if I got shy and did not try to make any introductions... btw I was the guy at the very last row of chairs with a white shirt, leather jacket, postman bag ( dark leather ) and glasses ( that spent 1/2 of the time off on the top of my head sitting next to a girl that was the last one to make a question to Ian ).

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