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Originally Posted by queenofleon View Post
Yes, a very interesting talk, he is a good communicator.

I was surprised at how few younger people there were though. The crowd was older than I thought (no offense) I guess I thought there were more people of my age awake. Maybe they were watching eastenders. *rolls eyes*
They probably were, especially my family who are all living near to the venue. I would have loved to have gone and had the chance to meet you all at the same time. I used to live in Bournemouth / Ferndown before I moved here to the Canary Islands.

I cannot get through to my sleeping family because they see all the information I have sent to them as something which "may or may not happen" and they cannot "take it on board" as I have. They have more important things in their lives such as Eastenders, Hollyoaks and particularly Facebook. It's very sad.

I bet the talk was good. I've heard many of Ian's lectures on-line but would have gone just to support him, catch any new information and meet people like you. Sigh.
In life today the abnormal has become normal.

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