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Originally Posted by size_of_light View Post
I feel that if God's plan is perfect, and Satan is destined to be defeated, then we've already had the major spoiler, and there's no real dramatic tension in the plot, making me wonder why the movie was even made.

Seems like the only point is to create some bad guys out of nothing, for no other reason than to watch them burn for all eternity while everybody else just pats each other on the back and laughs at the endless torment of the people that never needed to be.
I never get to argue with realists. Nice to find.

Let me just say then that I think that the plan of religions has always been the same. To separate the mark from his cash and move it into the con man's pocket.

What bugs me is that even you and I end in financing lying preachers when we have to make up the downfall that is created in tax revenues by their exemptions.


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