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Lightbulb 1888

Royal Connections..
Charleston Earthquake bolts were added to existing unreinforced masonry buildings to add support to the structure without having to demolish the structure due to instability..

Track 03 From Hell..

Born Mary Ann Walker on 26 August 1845 in Dawes Court, Shoe Lane, off Fleet Street..Mother Caroline..Polly married William Nichols on 16 January 1864.. She would have been about 22 years old..The marriage is performed by Charles Marshall, Vicar of Saint Bride's Parish Church and witnessed by Seth George Havelly and Sarah Good..William and Polly briefly lodged in Bouverie Street then moved in with her father at 131 Trafalgar Street for about 10 years..In 1882, William found out that his wife was living as a prostitute and discontinued support payments to her..After the separation, Polly begins a sad litany of moving from workhouse to workhouse from 10/26/87-12/2/87 - Strand Workhouse, Edmonton..

Hanukkah 2018 date Sunset 2 December..

1982 Dec 02 Princess Diana at Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children, London..

On 12/2/87 It is said that she was caught "sleeping rough (in the open)" in Trafalgar Square..She was found to be destitute and with no means of sustenance and was sent on to Lambeth Workhouse..1888 Thursday, August 30..Heavy rains have ushered out one of the coldest and wettest summers on record..The rain was sharp and frequent and was accompanied by peals of thunder and flashes of lightning the sky on that night was turned red by the occasion of 2 dock fires - 11:00 PM Polly is seen walking down Whitechapel Road, she is probably soliciting trade..Just a plain and simple chapel..

Murder by Decree (1979) Confronting Sir Charles..

At the time, the services of a destitute prostitute like Polly Nichols could be had for 2 or 3 pence or a stale loaf of bread. 3 pence was the going rate as that was the price of a large glass of Gin..Friday August 31 - 12:30 AM - She is seen leaving the Frying Pan Public House at the corner of Brick Lane and Thrawl Street..Polly leaves walking east down Whitechapel Road..3:15 AM - PC John Thain, 96J, passes down Buck's Row on his beat. He sees nothing unusual..At approximately the same time Sgt. Kerby passes down Buck's Row and reports the same.. 3:40 or 3:45 AM - Come and look over here, there's a woman..Cross calls to Paul..They eventually meet PC Jonas Mizen at the junction of Hanbury Street and Baker's Row and tell him of their find..Observations of Dr. Rees Ralph Llewellyn upon arrival at Bucks row at 4:00 AM in the morning noted that there was a wine Glass and a half of blood in the gutter at her side..The doctor at the post mortem remarked on the cleanliness of her thighs..At the inquest her father Edward said "she was nearly 44 years of age, but it must be owned that she looked 10 years younger..She is also an alcoholic..Inspector Joseph Helson, J-division, is notified of the murder at 6.45am and at the mortuary he is shown the body and the extent of the mutilations - 1987Thai Airways Flight 365 crashes into the ocean near Ko Phuket, Thailand, killing all 83 aboard.... at your reflection in the mirror...

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