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Originally Posted by oz93666 View Post
DI covers this in "The Biggest Secret"... If I remember correctly he says hundreds of years ago that place was the crossing point of two roads , the roads were aligned with leylines , and underneath the junction point of the roads the elite had dug out a secret chamber where they performed their filthy rituals ....

Fast forward to today the road junction has become bigger and they dug down for the underpass ... the point of the car "accident" was the exact position, the same level, the underground chamber occupied centuries before....

No I haven't dowsed it myself , just took Davids word for it.
Read that book and dont agree with lots of it and I dont take his word as proof. Even the name of the site isnt what he claims it is. There is no historical record of it being a previous underground temple to Diana either. I think somebody just made it up and then other just ran with it.

Thats the thing with ley lines. People make all sorts of claims about them but dont really have any direct knowledge or experience of them. Its amazing how many people will just believe his book verbatim but Im quite sure it was somebody elses theory that he just reproduced in his book about this location. How many people in here do you think will accept all the conspiracy theories about ley lines but have never even attempted to dowse them?
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