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Originally Posted by tnt1 View Post
That single rotation hardly qualifies as a rotation as it just moves some, and it is actually the tidal lock that does that movement of the moon or asteroids so what is your fucking point?
And once again with the antagonistic shit!! MY POINT was that it DOES rotate, as do all tidally locked Moons. The tidal lock doesn't "do the movement". Earth doesn't drag the thing around on a rope, it moves ON IT'S OWN, slowly with a single rotation per orbit. My other points are that your conclusions are inaccurate. The Moon wasn't "thumped" The information about it ringing like a bell came from NASA, yet believed and badly interpreted! Explained and ignored above.

Don't answer you are not worth a breath any longer to me, you just want to come in here again posting other peoples info again as if you can explain it better than they. I don't care to hear it from you thanks anyway.
Then STFU!!

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