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Does anyone else remember how there were no videos of the planes hitting the towers untill a few days after the event? Even thought they had a live stream of the towers immediately after the first plane hit they claimed that they had no footage of the planes hitting the towers untill a few days later when they received their first video that showed one of the towers being hit by a commercial airliner.
On that day it was the first time I saw a clip and said "oh there's the commerical airliner they were talking about'. This was before I had read any of David's books I would go on to read my first soon after but at that point I was still oblivious to what was happening.
On September 11th 2001 I was a freshman in highschool and our teachers immediately stopped our classes and all day in every classroom all we did was watch the live feed of the towers. In 2nd period the 2nd' plane' hit live while we watched and at first nobody knew what to make of it. My teacher exclaimed 'did you see that!' and the news reporters said ' it's looks like another plane has hit the other tower, but we'll have to wait to get a confirmation on that.' Seems kind of stupid that they would need confirmation to report something they had seen with their own eyes but years later I finally understood why. The plane I saw hit the 2nd tower live that day did not look like the plane in any other video I have seen since then, and they never replayed the footage I saw at that moment.
The plane I saw was smaller, like a personal aircraft of some kind and there were mixed reports that it was a personal aircraft as well as commercial ones, nobody knew which for sure, but what I saw on that day was a smaller aircraft, what might be described as a drone years later. (This was before drone technology had gotten popular)
That along with the fact that they never played that or any footage of a plane hitting the towers untill a few days later even though ALL the cameras in NYC were pointed that direction convinces me that it was not actually a commercial aircraft that hit the towers but a smaller plane or missle with wings. I believe the videos they show all the time have been edited with some kind of photoshop and that there was no 'hologram' to disguise the missle because if you saw it happen at the very moment it happend you would have seen what I saw. This would not be possible for the first plane unless you were in the city. Also the diffrent weather in alot of the videos is more proof in my opinion that they have been doctored.
My question is how could nobody have any footage of the actual object? Did they turn it into the media and have it altered without saving any of the originals? I'm just glad I was paying attention that day, even though I didnt realize it at the time, it's probably the most important day of my or anyone in my generations lifetime.
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