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i suggested years ago that there may be secret tech capable of producing a hologram around (say) a cruise missile - so that it would appear to be a plane.

Very dodgy ground though, as is mentioned above, just one blink out of place or sunlight hitting the hologram wrong and being filmed would blow the show open...

My niece was in NYC during the attacks, she said she saw the second plane from her hotel window.

Certainly, i don't believe for a moment that what hit the Pentagon was a plane.

No way would Hanjour sit on a plane that takes off twenty miles from its target, wait 40 minutes to hijack it, and then fly for a further 40 - 45 minutes, in a plane he'd never flown before, while the American military are in a state of high emergency having already witnessed the attacks in NYC.

Given that the Twin Towers had been hit twice, and that a flight 77 had gone 'missing' - in very close proximity to the Pentagon - its hard to believe that that would not be investigated with the up-most urgency.

If those points aren't questionable enough:
  • The OS asks us to believe that Hanjour could overpower a pilot who was physically at the top of his game, trained in anti-terrorism tactics and who many considered to be as fit as an ox.
  • The OS asks us to believe that Hanjour performed a miracle manouver over Washington that many trained pilots with hundreds of flight hours in large Boeings would find tricky.
  • Thet he managed that dive in the most highly protected piece of air space in the world.
  • That he was able to fly 20 ft off the ground, at full speed, without going into Ground Effect and hit the Pentagon without any wings or tail piece...
  • And leave absolutely zero evidence of a Boeing anywhere at the site!

Hanjour could not have done any of these things, the CCTV of hotels and petrol stations that he apparently 'flew over' were taken away and classified by FBI, and despite the hundreds of cctv points around the Pentagon, the only footage that was released does not show a plane.

The Pentagon was hit by a missile - there is zero evidence to suggest anything else, and yet people still believe the OS.

I think the WTC was hit by planes, perhaps not the planes that we have been told hit them, they were more than likely military planes kitted out to look like civillian aricraft, packed with explosives.

The WTC was likewise packed with explosives, first respinders state they heard secondary explossions 'boom, boom, boom, boom,' going of just before the collapse(s) - video evidence shws secondary explosions and clouds of smoke below the collapse points, free fall speeds....

We have been told a lie, just how big that lie is is anyones guess, but it is a lie.

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