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Originally Posted by solarclarity View Post
That's just the start

Fictitious as the scripting is, there is a deeper immersion to an even worse level of scripting that locks down the subconscious of the (scripted upon) even more than it already was
The level run by beings that use sex magic and binding contracts written in blood with no other way out written in

That's the world the Freeyourbrain guy was trailing through for ten years before he got shut down and forcibly moved sideways for a number of years, as a result

The 'crystal' is the microchip and the intended running of things using the 'mark of the beast', and the collective artificially synchronized collusion of the 'hive mind'

You said yourself that you were in a supermarket once, when you mentioned Freeyourbrain out of the blue to someone and everyone, whether within earshot or not, all turned round in an instant (synchronization)

That is the 'hive mind'

The 'Hurricane' is explained by the author in the intended second meaning :

He's not hiding (the 'set up')

The 'Hurricane' is the "Butterfly effect'


Which isn't a seamless fit with (an) 'experience', as felt by the person to be a 'Hurricane'. being real, but the assumption is that the person artificially makes the 'Hurricane', real

Someone's playing with us and offering us self created and fake assumptions that become our reality, in an incredibly falsified artificially created manner

Most of it 'looks' veery sloppy but the overall 'butterfly effect' is above comprehension and backed by AI singularity technology

No name ok

What about no mind ?
No injection of any impulse, on any level, into the scripting ? Then what ?

This is the 'Hurricane'

You are a bot/character.

I don't talk to bots
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