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I haven't posted in a while, but I've uploaded the full site without missing pages at these two address's :

There is also a message from Zero_Left which you may have not seen before on the links to other pages ( )

I couldn't find the message on any of the mirror sites but luckily I saved the text to file when I originally found it. It must have been on one of the snapshots on the wayback machine.

You may have also not seen this yet as well :

I can't find it on any of the mirrors for the time being so once again I must found it on the wayback machine.

These pages are sometimes unavailable too:

On all of the mirror sites, deconstructing their speculation part 1 and quick reminder at the beginning of the documents are always missing, so I've re-uploaded them here, as their quite important to the overall idea of the website.

I've also added a search engine at the General Index, to make easier for you to find what you want. There is also an updated list of mirror sites at the start of the website which you can add to your bookmarks if you so wish.

Oocities use to be a good place to read Free Your Brain, despite the missing early pages, but now their site is taking up half the page with a pointless advertisement.

The original idea was to have a free your brain website without advertising. Unfortunately, I'm only an unpaid volunteer right now so to cover the cost of the website I've added a small amount of advertisement similar to how they have at the mirror over at geocities (although I've recently noticed geocities have a load of annoying pop ups).


Has anyone noticed the similarities or connection between what free your brain is describing and something which is gaining momentum on youtube called Gangstalking?

VICE recently did two interesting exposes on Youtube:

The nightmare world of Gangstalking:

Meet the Target Individual community

But these are fairly new videos with lots of views, and there are lots of personal gangstalking testimonials on youtube with less views, which are the original ones I came across and connected the dots.

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