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Timewave Eros

Eros and the Eschaton



In other words the culmination of the Timewave is nothing less than fulfillment of the Eros. Eros is the driving force behind all technological and social advancement, therefore the end of time and the consummation of the Eros are one and the same.

Bread could represent the harvest, cycles of time, or the short-circuit of the Eros, the time loop of the year. The year or ear of corn, bread and corn, gluten and corn-syrup. I've recently developed a bad reaction to gluten, so maybe the saturnine forces of cycles are trying to spit me out.

So to oppose the saturnine forces you would need to sublimate the Eros, not necessarily through abstinence but rather through awareness.
Maybe the Gnostics were on to something, in part anyway.

Sexuality and Time Travel

The orgasm relates directly to Time Travel. Ecstacy as EC-STA-C

EC as Ectoplasm body/spirit, STA as Stasis/Standing 'Still Point' C as 'Speed of Light". You need to either be at or beyond the speed of light for Time Travel. The sensation of which would be just "standing still" stasis. The sexual energy at the base of the spine is the Coiled Serpent, Ouroborous, which is the 'wheel of time', and it has wheels within wheels, like the weeks go from Monday to Monday etc.

Ecstasy and Eschatology

However at Escatcy/Orgasm that snake uncoils up the spine, and the snake's head then stands up in your gland area of the head, dripping the Venom, the refined 'Juice' which then drips into the back of your throat. When the serpent is standing up like this, you are in EC-STA-C, and thus beyond time, and can move between time/realities, basically be whatever you desire. All the things that a being outside of time would be able to do. So how do you stay in that state and stop the serpent from coiling again? I dunno, it may involve some sort of lifestyle/tantric practices, or something like that.
Sexual reproduction 'Vagina' relates to bringing spirit into the Wheel of Time, Saturnian, Chronos as time. This related to cycles and harvests, the Grim Reaper's Sythe demands death in order to feed the new cycle, Grim reaper is black, Binah as Saturn is also black..etc

However 'The Anus' as Uranus is about going beyond time (the next planet beyond), there's the prostate connection etc, and this is the Gnostic path of Antinatalism, you're not bringing EC (spirit) into Time, rather you are shooting to go beyond it. Look at the shape of the Flux Capcitor.... "Doc Brown" there's a lot of Puns at play.
"Ouranon or Uranus is translated in Greek as “Heaven,” so according to Greek Mythology, Uranus was the father of Saturn (Binah). You see in the Tree of Life that Saturn is related with Binah, and Binah is an emanation of Chokmah, which in the Tree of Life is related with the zodiac and with the planet Uranus.

When you read about the ascension of Jesus in the Bible, this ascension is written in Greek as “Ouranon Poreuomenon,” which means “the ascension into the heaven of Chokmah (Uranus).” This is why in the Nicene Creed it is stated:
"He was made man (Ishim); and was crucified also for us under Pontius Pilate (the mind); he suffered and was buried; and on the third day he rose again according to the (Kabbalistic) Scriptures, and ascended into heaven (Ouranon – Uranus - Chokmah), and is seated at the right hand of the Father (Kether)."

Uranus as the Blue Sky of Heaven, beyond the black of space.

Entropy and Loops?

The opposite of Entropy would be a closed, or semi-closed system, that would run on either fear or love. Or maybe both?

I wonder if the Earth is within some sort of closed toroidal cosmology, which is actually a sort of closed-loop energy Battery that runs on fear. Fear seems to be the desired result of all these lies about human insignificance and so forth. Somehow this energy is harvested.

Think of the bottom of the Toroid as the + charge, and the top as the - charge. So the + sign at the bottom of the toroidal apple would be christ on the cross, and it is also the Glyph of Venus, and Jesus is Venus, and alchemically Venus is Copper, which is a conductor of electricity, of this energy, fear energy which goes up the toroid and is then sucked in by the mouth at the top, the negative top hole of the apple, and then is sucked down but is redeemed at the bottom by the cross. So it's like an energy loop that the elite know how to tap into, it's harvesting, the ordinary people as cattle, who would be the energetic sacrifice toil and fear. Just a theory.

I'm not talking about conventional outer space, but a small toroidal flat earth celestial firmament type cosmos. A closed, or artificially closed toroidal-battery-loop type model, where the elites tap the energy produced by the battery.

In the Watergate era, sci-fi author Phillip K. Dick reported a vision. What he learned from this vision was that sometime around 70 or 80 A.D. a group of "Jewish Alchemists" had instituted a method of looping time back into itself on a sort of infinite historical playlist. The reason for this action was to forestall the return of Christ after the destruction of Solomon's Temple by the Romans. According to Dick, the Return of Christ is the promised end to a system of Sacrificial Agriculture originating with Cain, from the Book of Genesis, who is the Father of Agriculture, and ratified by Enoch, son of Cain, who is the Father of Satanic Alchemical Magick. These two systems (Agriculture and Magick) are the basis for the entirety of human social commerce and all the woe, inequality and royalty that comes with it. The return of Christ threatens to shatter this system which is so prosperous to an elite class of dignitaries.

The duration of one loop is about 2000 years, but there is an overlap period of approximately 200 years between tape loops. In the course of this transitional phase "the intensity of feedback creates large scale pattern recognition among those imprisoned in the Loop."

During this time of "pattern recognition," presumably including synchronicity, paranormal occurrences, glitches in the Matrix, etc., things begin to become a little worrisome for the reigning "alchemists." The danger for them, if I get LeClair right, is that during this overlap period individuals are also able, in potential, to remember that they are immortal. They are able to break through the "illusion of death."

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