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Default Again the homepage is written out of the handler's codebook...

The idea is to get everyone chasing circles within circles

The handlers routine is to run everything on auto pilot by creating circles within circles, whilst using deflection to make it look like something else is going on concepts
You can be one day Mark Smith, 32, white, American from New Jersey, civil servant, black hair, having a kundalinic shell; the next day Antoine De La Croix, 17, mulatto, French from Nice, unemployed, fair-haired, having a very kundalinic shell; and the third day Felipe Ramirez, 49, Mexican, top executive of a medium-sized company, a big round belly and a not so kundalinic shell.
Kundalinic shell 'differences' is a red herring sending a reader the wrong way, all couched within a seemingly impossible scenario

A handler controlling all three would in reality be the new identity of all three

Hence in the handler's world there is no personality:-
In the Backstage (or if you prefer in the nagual reality), these things (biography, continuity) don't exist. Remember : for THEM, shells are just like modeling clays. And even without changing your present shell, you can vary immensely your identities, as well as your appearance. If you have watched the movie "The Saint", for instance, you may have noticed that the character played by Val Kilmer could easily change not only his identity and appearance, but also his behavior and apparent "personality" (if at all such a thing exist). In the language of the Backstage, this is called a "character guideline".
Biography, continuity AND personality don't exist in the backstage if they have been traumatized, split, programmed by the handler, beforehand

There is no self control if there is no self underneath it all

The homepage author himself would be following his own 'character guidelines' as detailed above. When he wrote the homepage he would have been in possession of several different driver's licenses and passports as a matter of course. The guy who wrote that was not living a Matrix 9-5 Stageworld routine. But he's not coming out of left field as much as it appears. A lot of that was written for him. Handlers follow well grooved channels of information which is why things tend to stay the same.

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