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Originally Posted by Isisrosetta94 View Post
Amazing scum you prove to be well.

Continue on your high horse enjoy it while it lasts.

No point of even giving you credence.

Also ad hominem haha sad
Yes, your statements in the above post were ad hominem.

You failed to realize you have attacked me first and you have not disapproven anything because you can't
Actually, I didn't attack you. I just said what you posted was wrong, mathematically ignorant, and just downright stupid. There is a difference between attacking you and attacking your arguments.

The links posted are definitive proof that in science the concept of 3D refers to length, width, and depth while the fourth dimension refers to time. Again, this is not difficult to grasp for someone with basic literacy and education.

If you continue to play this sick character it will not end well for you, but then again of course it will not end well for any of us, as you know
Ohhhh! I am so scared because a neurotic 23 year old virgin threatened me with an empty threat!

I can clearly see why almost everybody left this one good forum page, and we all know why jmandalis, we all know why
Most of us leave this thread because we are bored, and come back because we are also bored. Many idiots and neurotic psychos in this thread such as yourself can't defend your own assertions. You are too sensitive snowflake, so you melt down.

Tho I must also add, it will be fun destroying any credibility you might think you have over these people.
Clean out the trash so the folks will come back in again.
The cancer has stayed in for way too long.
It's time to purge.

And also J never forget as you of course know.
Even more than some of the other idiots in this thread, you need help. The techniques used in the homepage hit someone such as yourself in the side of the head like a freight train. You can't see it for what it is, XENOMORPH WARS, a script. It is like an outline for gangstalking.

All Sex Is Violence.
How would you know that? Have you read about sex on the internet or something?
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