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Originally Posted by Isisrosetta94 View Post
It matters not if I am a Virgin,

And also all sex is violence
Being so high of yourself as you are you would know this.

And Thanks for being an asshole as usual
Your bigotry really shows, at this point how can anyone take what you write seriously is beyond me, you must be a really cool guy to hang out with

You haven't really disproved anything I posted, and 4D does not exist neither does 3D nor spirit nor soul, to think that just makes you a tool and just another THINKING hypocrite so full of himself, your ego transcends time and space my man,and not in a good way at all, a bigger asshole to the point of retardation I have not seen or heard in a while on any social media platforms, and that's saying something

Whatever virgin, you flunk math.

There are four dimensions, three in space and one in time (x,y,z,t) that tracks the change of a point through the three spatial dimensions. Now defunct string theory used to "use" higher dimensions as a mathematical cheat. Idiots today still misinterpret this concept when writing about things like the quantum hall effect. The term the "fourth dimension" refers to time, and not to a physical dimension in space. Seriously, this is like fifth grade level math.

It isn't my job to care about your feelings. Honestly, I really don't care about your feelings, and neither does anyone else. If you whine like a wuss you will never get any puss. Try being a little more self critical and less delicate like a child.
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