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Originally Posted by merlincove View Post
You know people say that the torrah instructs Jews that they can lie to the goyim, that they can cheat the goyim, that they can kill the goyim.

As far as I can tell no Jewish doctrine or text from the torrah says this - but it is bandied about as factual.

Correct me if I'm wrong.

But the quoran does say these things, it does instruct the Muslim to lie to, cheat and kill none believers.

And yet this truth is idly washed over.
But you know....if you tell the truth to masses, it will be branded as hate-speech because they can lie. Win-Win for them really.

This is why working in the shadow is important. There is no moral here. Eye for an eye. It will bring results and nobody has to know it. Some call it chickened out and hiding but this is the only effective way. Whether you use water cannon, an arrow or stones is your choice of method.

But then again, if I know I'm gonna be out of here...should I care that much other than minding my own business? Of course, there is no guarantee that I'll be out but I'll give it a good go. mnn questions merlin.
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