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Originally Posted by hokuspokus View Post
I like many others have got bored with Sir Spamalot.
I guess that what the end game is.
You believe Buzz Lightyear walked on the moon.
Others don't.
Get over yourself.
Trolling. Always trolling. No debate.....shit stirring troofah

Afraid to answer

This hokusjokus, has been doing this almost exclusively on Apollo threads. His modus operandi is to lay an ad hominem turd as a means to rile me. never does he respond to any of the evidence or counter rebuttal. He now resorts to calling copious amounts of evidence, that not ONE of these useless HBs ever spam.

Give me a T.....give me a W....

There is a difference between why I believe 12 men set foot on the Moon -----EVIDENCE---- and why you and the comedy HBs believe they don't-----SHITE.

You cannot disprove anything I post as evidence, I disprove EVERYTHING posted as SHITE.

"Truthers" huh...…….what a fucking liberty you take using that word!
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