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Originally Posted by truegroup View Post
Jimmy, here is some evidence, kindly respond, try not to be a four letter word beginning with T.


2. The rocks.



Soil now falls at Earth freefall speed, the astronauts...a tad absurd!

6. Two parts both from a very long continuous EVA sequence. Part 1 shows a gravitational analysis. Part 2 shows soil hitting the ground at the same the soil on wires?
I guess you claim that this is “evidence” that the videos of the “moon landings” weren’t faked...
As far as I can tell I haven’t claimed (posted) any of these videos for “evidence” of “special effects”. So why do you specifically aim this at me?

Have you never watched any movie with “special effects”?!?
I’m by no means a “special effects” expert and have never claimed to be.

The following video was made by somebody that claims that some of the “special effects” used for the “moon landings” movies are wires and speeding up (to double the speed) to give the impression of that the gravitation is 6 times less than on earth...
I didn’t plan on posting this, and don’t call this “evidence” but it are reasonable hypotheses.

Buzz Aldrin once replied to the rumours that he had seen “aliens" in space:
Extraordinary observations require extraordinary evidence.
I note that NASA has never delivered “extraordinary evidence” for their “extraordinary” claim that they were on the moon...
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