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Originally Posted by truegroup View Post
On the contrary weirdo....that is exactly what I want. The picture is you with polos for eyes. You fail to spell it properly after a hundred corrections.

I want just one of you hopeless troofahs to respond to the stuff showing how dumb your claims are.

None of you can.

I really don't do grammar police but just for you.

Can't has an apostrophe.
It's "bear" not "bare".
It is AfuckingPOLLO with two Ls.
It's not "might of" it is "might have".
Cet, you mean get.

Your written English is a good yardstick to the quality of your utter shite. The evidence stands unchallenged by you and all the other troofahs. Your cowardice is nauseating.
If I was you I would be ashamed to get owned off a thick twat.

My definition of being a flatmooner is the apolow footage was filmed in a studio
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