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I'd just like to add that a short while ago I met a computer programmer who started to do a PhD, and I think it was the University of West England, or at least that could have been where he did his first degree, but the PhD was in technology to do with implantable chips. He tells me the UWE is totally tied up with the military and has strong ties with the American military. Anyhow that is a true story, gained firsthand, for what it is worth to you researcher types. It was a few years ago, but he's still pretty young so we are most likely talking about the last ten years.

He gave up his PhD on ethical grounds, but oddly they tried to recruit him into designing killer robots, run by machine intelligence. They offered him and all his computer friends a contract which included a house, and office and £1/4m /year each. I know he is very good at this and I've seen some of his work, and know that technology does work, but as he said to me, getting robots to go around autonomously with guns is shear lunacy. He blew it out as he did the PhD. Someone's got extremely deep pockets to offer that kind of wedge though.
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