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Originally Posted by cosmic tramp View Post
Which begs the question ...,if it IS a spaceship, and US (shadow) Government know it's a spaceship, then what's with the mining agreement mularky ?

"Excuse us Reppies , do you mind if we start mining your spaceship ?"

Reptiles: "Yeah, alright then, if you like. It's only a bit of titanium and helium3 for the first 3 miles down, just keep the energy flowing our way, fair do's. Does that Dave Bowie character wanna make a few more music vids up here while you're at it ? Oh I forgot. We've got him already haven't we ? Sorry about that. Us Reppies do have a sense of humour, you know. It's a bit sick all in all, but that's how it is. You'll learn."
Brilliantly funny ct .... but of course the reps don't control the whole moon , It's a big bit of real estate to hold on to.
Word is , just like mars and earth, lots of different ET groups , including humans military , defending their own patch of turf (mostly underground).

Oh yea! mining the moon sounds like a great business idea , half the rockets are blowing up on the launch pad these days!
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