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Originally Posted by oz93666 View Post
This is very hard to believe...

Today computer directed telescopes (around $1000) are in the hands of amateurs everywhere.
They automatically find the planet or star you want ,for you, positioning the telescope with small motors ... the SLIGHTEST change in the earths rotational axis would be immediately apparent.

My guess is these inuit have taken white mans medicine (vaccines , flouride) and their brains are f**ked

And what 'climate change' ... this has been well exposed as a total fraud.... there is just the gentle , continual change that is's called WEATHER
The earth has always been slowly moving around the precession of the equinoxes, a good explanation here.

If you look at the star charts in Marcus Manilius, Astronomica 1st century, you can plainly see that the earth's equatorial line has moved quite a way indeed, at least 2 degrees to what it is today, than it was in line with the stars today.

The AGW model is also a fact, not because we as humans are making the changes that will tip the scales, as to say, but because the method in which AGW has been promulgated, in the "Fabian Way", which my old Collins dictionary says is, a Slow, Deliberate and always very persistent way of doing things, to mould the mind into a certain way of thinking.

What a lot of people don't know is, the greatest levels of Co2 come from the oceans and green vegetation to about 85% level, if we allow nature and the Agenda 21 model to flourish and nature retake the common ground, whilst putting the majority in large city groups, the C02 level would climb much faster than it is today.

During the medieval warming period, and bad karma to the AGW ists, we were at least 2 degrees warmer and grass grew in sufficient quantities to feed herds of over a 100 dairy cattle on Greenland, and all farmers know that grass does not grow fast enough to feed large numbers of cows, nor produce the winter fodder needed for such numbers, until it reaches around 42 degree and above.

The greener the planet gets the higher the Co2 will climb naturally without our help, due to composting of the green stuffs.

This is the kind of well documented science that our ancient poets well understood, yet is ignored in order of securing the scientists jobs, even the real scientist jobs.

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