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Originally Posted by thewatcher View Post
Also....Since WHEN has a hoaxer EVER been so willing to reveal anything without fear of getting his ass kicked? I have NEVER IN MY FREAKING LIFE known of a true hoaxer (not someone just doing an obvious hoax as a parody) that has ever been that all sweet, nice, forthcoming, and compliant.
If I were him I'd be so damn wary of a beating that I'de have to rent a damn Army APC to go to Walmart in.
I don't feel much more threatened by the average Cryptozoologist as I do from the average video game aficionado or chess player.

..... Dungeons and Dragons,... anyone?

And besides, (and I know I've said it a few dozen times, already...) this film was never intended to be a "Hoax", it was merely meant to be a LOCAL advertisment to Northern Michigan, promoting the fact that it was once again the "Year of the Dogman". (An event that only occur every ten years).

It meant nothing to me in revealing "the truth".
It’s easy to be intelligent and wise. Just think of something stupid to say and then don’t say it.
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