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Remember when the Gable Film was a thing and people were astonished and perplexed by the bizarre quadrupedal cryptid captured on grainy 8mm film?

Remember how MonsterQuest came along and 'debunked' the footage in the most blatantly fraudulent manner imaginable, and how the Gable Film and the bizarre quadrupedal cryptid captured on grainy 8mm film then suddenly ceased to be a thing in the minds of most people, and was instead reduced in an instant to just a joke, a hoax, an object of ridicule and a waste of time?

Remember that yours truly predicted a program would come along and perform this feat of alchemical transformation in the minds of viewers well before the MonsterQuest program was even announced, let alone aired?

Remember how it was subsequently demonstrated beyond all reasonable doubt in this thread that the MonsterQuest investigation into the Gable Film and its results were a complete fabrication designed to divert attention away from the truth?

Well Jose Escamilla has just released part 1 of a film exposing the similarly blatant disinfo job MonsterQuest did on the topic of 'rods'....


Published on Jul 10, 2013

a JOSE ESCAMILLA film - Exposing the injustice imposed on the RODS phenomena by Monster Quest and The History Channel. After being abused and accused by those viewers who saw that episode five years ago (2008). I have had enough of this and have decided to show you the public how Monster Quest lied to you about the RODS. The producers are deceitful and have fooled everyone with this episode including Joe Rogan for whom this video is dedicated to. This is Part I of a two part film.

While back on the topic, I'll also draw readers attention to something Linda Godfrey - a key player in the fraudulent MonsterQuest 'debunk' of the Gable Film - finally and quietly conceded in a comment discretely tucked away in an entry on her blog in August 2012 - years after she should have pointed this out, years after I first said the same thing, and years after interest in the matter had evaporated - in no small part due to her complete misrepresentation of the case to the public.

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