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Originally Posted by jonquays View Post
Not familiar with the Hollie Grieg story? You must be the only person here who isn't.

You said "If there's no evidence it's because the alleged have had ample time to get rid of it" without also saying it could also be the case that there simply is no evidence because those people were innocent. Again, we do not know so should sit on that fence till there is ample enough proof (not hearsay) to show which is the side to sit on.

If you go back and read through, my posts you will see that I made exactly that point, that the fact that the children told such a story is disturbing enough in itself, whether true or not.

I know that many people do not like my stance and I am not claiming the story is not true. Please do not misunderstand this. I am just trying to be the voice of reason.

It was not that long ago that witches were innocent if they drowned but guilty if they floated and were then burnt at the stake. Surely we have progressed from that type of thinking? I would like to think we have.
Yes, but I'd say it's been handled very reasonably as it is, on this forum- people are justifiably upset and confused and are looking for answers- mostly, as to why this hasn't been properly investigated by the police!! No one is suggesting a stampede to go and 'burn the dirty paedos', as you seem to be alluding to- I find it rather condescending that you clearly feel in a position to somehow be the 'voice of reason' here??!!

Have the delays meant that evidence could be destroyed? Of course! That's why this case hinges on the unusual identifying characteristics of the alleged abusers- irrespective of even a medical examination for the children, they would have no way of knowing such things unless they'd actually seen the intimate areas for themselves- and if so- just what conclusions can you infer from that, exactly??

Young children making the most horrific accusations and you think it might be a bit embarrassing for the adults concerned to submit to a 5 minute check with a licensed professional?

Who are you?
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