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Originally Posted by elshaper View Post
Has anyone had a dream like this?
I woke up in my dream while I was dreaming.
It's like the movie 'Inception' or akin to standing in the middle of two mirrors facing each other....there are multiple of you....infinity.
Yes. Only the other night in fact I "woke up" to see an old woman outside my bedroom window and was struggling to get up and to tap on the window and say...

"Old woman, what are you doing outside my bedroom window ?" sort of thing.

Then I also said to myself in the dream, "you're probably dreaming this", so I forced myself to wake up for real and there was no old woman outside my bedroom window. But I still went outside to check. Lo and behold there was no old woman outside my bedroom window.

Now, being conscious that one is dreaming while still inside one, far better surely to stay within the dream and control it and not (as I did) try to wake up.

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