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Default Time for change

Then maybe, with David's monetary/health/time constrictions -he wouldn't mind sticking his voice behind a party that was made 'around' him?

I have uber respect for the man, as do All of you. But he is just 1 man. A part of the whole, but a person alone. We can't ask for him to do things he can't be arsed/doesn't have time to do. But what we CAN do is learn from his teachings, pop out from under his wing and do something OURSELVES??

It's not David's job to change things - it's everyones. And nothing less will achieve it, because one person's perspective isn't enough.

If we want change? We can have change! But WE have to change!!! We can't be sitting waiting for someone to do it for us anymore. I totally know why we do it, so am not dissing Us (they start it on us at 4 ffs, we have no choice other than to believe we're powerless) but still, we gotta snap out of this.

WE are going to change this world! Just as soon as WE realise that WE can! Trust me, that is not only a possibility - but a destiny that we hold off only because we're taught to.

Love to All

We won't ever see change until WE change!
Our children deserve this no more than we did!
If not now? When? If not Us? WHO???
Life's too short - don't waste it practicing being dead!
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