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I’s about to check the ‘Modern Physics a Fraud’ above linked but forget about it, you may as well read the entire relativity theory and make up your own view. After what I once read of it I came to a simple conclusion : science is the art of explaining evidence with mathematics, thus rendering it unaffordable to the masses.

It’s some kind of encoding or encrypting of the reality and common sense in the purpose of occulting them to the eyes of the public, ‘encrypting’ rightfully bearing the connotation of hiding or burying something in a ‘crypt’. It’s pure obscurantism.

For instance if after having had lunch with Einstein you’d stand up from your chair, he’d ask you abruptly : why did you exert an upward pressure on Earth’s upper-most solid mantle to divide your body mass from that anisotropic material ?

Einstein therefore was but the average fraud you may spot in that field, actually was at his best while sticking his tongue out and should be remembered less for his contribution to the progress of mankind than for having dropped sentences like : the reason for time is so that everything doesn’t happen at once
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