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Originally Posted by fudgetusk View Post
I mean, before you read of Icke where you pure and innocent regarding conspiracy theories/supernatural/spirtitual stuff?

Or is it that we all were into that stuff already before he came along?
Before David Icke the researcher there was David Icke the footballer who I remember watching playing for my team as it was then when I was a boy.

No David Icke didn't convert me but I remember feeling empathy for him when he first appeared on Wogan whilst everyone else I knew then jumped on the bandwagon and ridiculed him.

Prior to David Icke's awakening I had always felt a sense of there being something not right about this world but couldn't explain it. Everywhere I looked it didn't feel right.

David Icke, like a number of others have been signposts for me on this ongoing journey and for that I am very grateful. He wasn't a bad goalkeeper either

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