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According to the Gift of the McNab, the four captured patrol members (McNab, Pring, MacGown and the wounded Coburn) were moved numerous times, enduring torture and interrogation at each successive location. According to MacGown however, "incidents such as teeth extraction and burning with a heated spoon did not happen. It is inconceivable that any such incidents could have occurred without them being discussed or being physically obvious."News footage of MacGown and Pring taken at the time of their release on 5 March, showed no evidence of any facial injuries and the members were described as 'in good shape' by a Red Cross representative...
Soon after the patrol landed on Iraqi soil, Lane discovered that they had communication problems and could not receive messages on the patrol's radio. McNab later claimed that the patrol had been issued with incorrect radio frequencies, however a 2002 BBC report discovered that there was no error with the frequencies because the patrol's transmissions had been noted.

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