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Originally Posted by oz93666 View Post
Yes ... these incidences are showing your mind does have an effect on the outside world ...

Your thoughts are important , so direct them yourself , don't let them ramble around , or be directed by TV ...

Dream of the future you want to create , and it will come.
That will be the day Oz, when I have control of my own mind. Meditation is a no-go for me, my mind gets quite wild when I ask it to be still. I don't have rampant thoughts or any kind of mental/emotional disturbances, I just don't have the ability to control my mind to the level I would like to. I can do a lot of things at will with my mind, but as soon as I try to harness it, my mind automatically rebels. I am rebellious over certain issues by nature too, but my mind is in a league of its own.

These weird synchronicities have been happening between my mind and the telly. Not me and others in the home or people I talk to beyond it. Last year I had a lot of looking at the clock and it would be 11:11, 13:13, 15:15 etc.
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