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Default Spiral

Originally Posted by purplepebble View Post
The Dunce Cap was designed to collect/focus the students energy up towards the 'point' of the cap to aid in focusing the students attention/mental energy.

Similar to the spires found on churches, although for the spiritual energy given off in churches.

Like this,

Originally Posted by lightgiver View Post
This encompassing of the entire head is where the idea of putting halo on various deities came from. It also is the place where the tradition of a king wearing a crown comes. The crown symbolizing the fully open and active crown chakra, indicating that the individual was ruling with God and not just ruling with the human self. A missaligned Crown Chakra can cause self centeredness, spiritual poverty and on a more physical side, poor reality control, and low energy all the time.

The Planet ruling the Crown Chakra is Saturn, who is the Lord of Karma, meaning work yields its own rewards, that good things are worth waiting for. No instant enlightenment lasts, although the experience may be profound. The reality is that spiritual work is tiresome, repetitive, boring and mostly unrewarded in the short term. In the long term, however and particularly as we approach old age and death, spiritual work becomes the only reality worth pursuing, however erratic the progress might be, most of us have many life times to attain enlightenment, others through hard work now and our previous life experiences will attain that which we all desire before our transition. The colour of this Chakra is violet / purple.

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