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Originally Posted by 1zenith View Post
LIke this doesnt make sense to me and tells me how phony time is.

How can it be 7 hours ahead in England or 24 hours ahead in
Australia , and 7 hours and 24 hours behind here in U S?
We are all on the same time. We should all be aging at the same rate.

SO to me that tells me its a hoax. AND i know it is.
Because when i am outta body i never think about time and the fact that i am butt naked.

You/I only feel butt naked in 3D reality.

I know space is illusion too. Because when I take pics in my house sometimes i get 1000s of orbs.

So 1000s of E ts in my house tells me space is illusion.

Space, time, and butt nakedness, is just HUMAN concepts.
Yes it's abit like when everyone in the world celebrates New years day at different times! Time is a fake construct. It's so s*** how we're bound to it.

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