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Originally Posted by cody2 View Post
This is interesting silent revolution - how does doing what you suggest allow us to step out of reality, what can I expect to happen etc...
It's something subtle. We are so used to relying on the world we can see and we don't pay much attention to the other senses that are feeling the world around us. By making your sight go a little blurred, you soften the reality that you perceive around you. Buddha is often depicted with crossed eyes on statues and pictures, and it both breaks the reality and stimulates the minds eye.

Those magic eye pictures break the reality as well, though I'm still trying to understand exactly what my eyes are doing when I'm looking at them.
I sometimes stare at a fixed point in a room and everything around that point of vision will distort and turn into patches of various shades of colour. It is like everything but that fixed point of focus goes to wave form rather than particle form.

I have a feeling that whatever the eye's are doing when looking at the magic eye pictures, you could use the method to perceive other dimensions or entities and spirits.

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