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Yeah, can you believe it? Taking drugs non-stop, staying awake for weeks at a time, having sex with hundreds of men every month, being infected with and spreading multiple std's wasn't healthy?!? Shocking.

The hiv virus doesn't exist; when you have supposed experts on hiv who can't confirm that they've actually seen it, this is a pretty large tipoff that the whole thing is a scam.

You don't need ARV's; it's poison, period. And yes, you do need an alternative to poison, which goes without saying.

I'm fired up about this: I hate scammers, and this is a big 'un.

Originally Posted by froboi View Post
I have an opinion that in the 80s when people didn't know they had it, constant partying, drug use and the lack of personal care contributed towards their deaths. There is 2 types of HIV, type 1 & 2 one supposedly more deadly than the other. I strongly believe however that there are natural alternatives to ARV's out there. Plus with simple lifestyle changes, exercise and a positive (no pun intended) outlook can work wonders. I will keep you posted on my journey... Thanks for your contribution.
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