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Originally Posted by 5145pholus View Post
I would suggest that the 'sick experiments' have been and gone years ago. Big pharma knows full well what its doing now. Its not an experiment any longer, the programme works. Medication is not to keep people healthy, its to keep people in a state of continual dependence on their drugs, whether it is for HIV/AIDS, diabetes, cancer, heart disease, etc.

ok, so you've asked for 'useful information' that could help. Colloidal silver, great. We use it all the time in our house, it is one of the greatest tools for healing. I've never used it for collonics or enemas, but I can see that working. (I can also see it being very costly as well!)

So....if you're not squeemish about that stuff, then urine enemas are probably the most powerful detoxification you'll ever likely to experience. Urine therapy is probably the most transformative thing I've ever done. It freaks people out, so I don't talk about it much.

Check out a guy called Andrew Norton Webber on youtube. He's an advocate of urine therapy and the drinking of distilled water. Since I've bought my water distiller, I've not looked back, I'm the healthiest I've ever been in my life. Lots of people are very fearful of distilled water (and urine therapy) due to A LOT of disinfo bandied around on the internet (and this forum!) but when something is this heavily suppressed, then you know its the good stuff If you want any advice then feel free to PM me

I'll be really interested to hear about your progress. You sound to me like you're doing the right thing and I wish you all the best
One of my fave boxers does it.. so if he's doing it and he's beating the likes of Manny pac. Then I'm up for trying it to.
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