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3 week a ago, in 3 week

The above image fallow a path throw time. an talk about a man whose try not to be like every one else. But the systems around him. Forces him to comply earth fallowing < which he will not do. freedom is choice n if those choice's are limited like every one... else...even by breaking the laws to achieve what he want.

The system is mans system. Man made n created.

As a young man confused by systems an the world it self force one to behavior like the whole population. While he's trying to behave differently an trying to be him self.

But when we look at the prime glyph at the bottom we find the young man surround by the godeus Which tell me he seeks to be rich at this age an is involved with all the things that make up the godeus or God's wife

The demon locked in side is the whole event an the forgone conclusion an knowledge of how an why an who it served

In short it means I know what going on from get go an still did it base on try not to be like every one else.

Remember I'm making effort not to be like every one else. an still achieve my goal which was to be rich

The demon is the system used to make money. The money would to cause death as the end result of those moneys would go back to the US back to the CIA. an straight down to south America to cause more death. so we looking at my roll in this system. ther no real organized crime its disorganized an done by independent people who are unaware.

Drugs are how the US funds its little wars. in there little sand castle towers of glass

So i'm talking about the late 80s an 90's the drug problem was so bad we in canada lost a generation an there assets to fund what we see there today in the south.

The above sets show whom witnessed these event. which not human eyes did.

this point start at where I live to where I when an what I hope to do when I got there. Which includes want to have sex an right down to the town.

the root is number 1 north this trip when to Kamloops where I was arrested for an spent the night in the drunk tank. As we came up to party in the many festivals. We wander around looking for work. an place to stay. money was tight an wing man was sick so we when home.

I'm sure 1,000,000 people drove that road. I am just 1 story of that road.

This was the passed me. not who I am I was just a child. doing childish thing. With no idea of how I was effecting people around me or the world. just like every one else.
I cleaned my self up. sett new goals an many many good choices since then.

Cowboys n Aliens quot God doesn't care who you were. Only who u are.

When I discovered these chained glyphs many years had passed by. an much of what I revile to day had been very new to when I discovered these. it taken me a long time just to come to terms with what I did in the passed n that it was witnessed. when No one could of.

in short the chain explain something that I would liked hidden.

So We talking a span of about 25 + years of trying again to make a life change from youth to adult. By the time I'm 40 the change was exstrandairy. but took that time an I took that time to change my self. by the time I was making these massive discover. I had been working mar's well for ever but more technical in the 90's an right at the point I'm making these life changes. which started in 1985. by the 2000s these discovery's are old hat to me. have run throw the Mar's images my self.

What about the pass as present time line of reference ; Question you say Skys this u in the passed. You explain this out at lest twice. in the same way in different topics. it the same way as for every one else. N your a very bad guy back then. our history's are loged in this way It is the reason I say ; Why would you even think you have a right to privacy.

So this is the stander data image. no detail.

full detail. dates at the bottom.
this is only now being explained in this is our present time line. So our detail are center left right top bottom. Each direction means something. that just where this section come its center in main images above. but when look at the lower images we see it left center.

The way I use my second light source means something. I do that way for a reason.

time flows 1 way but each of have our own time line. an we are in the Earth's time line if we go across the water on to the island in the image We find that passed as present to the time line of discovery.

Wait Skys are saying u can show us what u became after this point in history. After you made these hopely big life changes At the point of discovery.? ; Yes. based on these maps ? Yes.
Today pressent
This mean I have limited knowledge of time space base on the image im looking at. limited by object or objective. such as; gold unknown , uranium known glyph, diamond unknown glyph, these element do not move unless we move them.

It also means that E+T would find no useful element to them here. it would be far more fruitful to retrieve those element form near objects to there home. Most these people would never aloud heavy elements such as gold to change there planets orbits. In other words they wouldn't bring that kind of thing home to there worlds. things like gold's would be used in space not as a commodity

Sun's produce's gold I seen object as big as Jupiter sucking something off the sun. its not an uncommon element by any stretch of the imagination.

A space fair communities are compliant galaxic law. Throw studied I would suggest some thing. like the 10 commandment as a starting point. Knowing full well that these 10 laws will probably show up again in history at an earlier time line. Or all ready have an were suppressed.

its not there to make up your only little rules an have them fallow your little rules. you fallow there rules or your burnt toast. what do with bunt toast it get trashed

This INCLUDES the ILLUMINATI. I WTF are you doing make up rules as u go. its suppose to been a counsel made of elder holy people's of all the main faiths world wide.

There not the rich or the powerful not kings or queens

ILLUMINATI they spiritual in tune. the supposed hold of the knowledge.

there not the baby killers types or the elite.

When someone say E+T want our Gold Who dose that benefit. Why the Gold commodity. in other words that would be programed propaganda from the corporations. got pump up that value of our fake money. ET want our gold. But space is full of gold. it just another heavy element flowing around out there

How is that preprogrammed It pro up a failing system by misconception of space. holding us back reinforcing the failing corporations. by Proving propping up an obsolete commodity

there nothing here that they would want except water n food, at best an these we can provide these. how ever we operating under over capitalized commodity system base on population.

being quick to judge some one is a fault.

Not cleaning up toxic's was n, is an error

Not every life forum eats meat n plants.
You be surprised at what some value as food

These E+T know every detail of our most intimate life is recorded. you can not run you can not hide an you can not dig deep enough. The deeper u dig the closer to them u get. That the last place you want to be.

A is for Alpha- from where you came.
O is For Omega- to where your going.
I'll slay U l8rz

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