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Originally Posted by cinder_darkskys View Post
I'm not sure how closely you fallow Davids news page an his videos He has said the war is on religion an serration of us. in at lest one of his video. I think is was around fall last season.

I tend to agree with his assessment ; base on what know.

and we can all be happy in our superior 'spirituality I would use the word reinforced rather then superior an yes our spirituality

Its the one of the few things i disagree with David on...he has a completley different understanding of the subject than me...i would of agreed with him about relegion when i was in my 20s( 20 years ago) but i have since woke up spiritually..though i agree they have been co-opted but not created by the dark side..he has changed his tune a little over the years..

I missed the point you make on what David says, he isnt saying relegion should be banned is he?
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